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Демонстрація Perflex у Bullen Trading Co. UK - відео 03 серпня 2022 р

Perflex, an expert of whole house tile grouting system, demonstrated at Bullen Trading Co. Shane had been introducing the cartridge tile grout. Multitudes of tilers came visiting us and tried grouting by caulking gun on their own. It's was found that grouting was so easy and the excess grout after curing was easy to clean as well. It didn't smell anything, quite environmentally friendly! Plentiful gorgeous colors of the tile grout were available for the visitors to choose from and even many tilers bought some tile grout products on the site.

We’re able to supply you with our best-quality cartridge tile grouts made of both epoxy and polypro. They’re super waterproof, anti-mildew, easy to grout, weather resistant, hence application for both outdoor and indoor.


НАЗАД НАСТУПНИЙ Perflex Novel Materials взяли участь у 36th Cerambath Expo

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